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Karak & Dana

Nestled on the ancient caravan routes from Egypt to Syria, Kerak is most famous for its massive, imposing Crusader castle built in1132 AD by the Crusader King Baldwin I. Dominating the walled city, with five thousand Christian knights defending it, the castle fell to Saladin’s forces after fifty years of fighting in 1188. The fortress is a maze of galleries, arched chambers and fortified towers located at an altitude of about 1000 meters. Particularly magnificent is the view from the top of the fortress, embracing the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, and the valley of Wadi Mujib.


Dana is One of the most dazzling sites in Jordan, and a nature reserve area, Dana lies south of the Kingdom, stretching from the Sharaa mountains, with peaks 1800 meters above sea level, in the east, to Wadi Araba in the west. Dana was successively inhabited by Edomites, Assyrians, Romans, and many other civilizations.


Modernization has not crept to the area yet, and its houses still retain the simple, traditional style of times long past. The area’s beautiful forests have trees as old as 3, 000 years. It is roamed by mountain gazelles, red foxes, badgers, and many other mammals. Nearly 600 species of plants, 200 reptiles and mammals, and more than 150 species of bird have been identified in Dana. The area is also rich in water springs and semi- precious stones. Dana is certainly a refuge for a camp site has been set nature-lovers. up in the area, hiking rails opened, and field guides available

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