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Pella & Ajlun

In the warm, water- rich, fertile land of the northern Jordan Valley lie the remains of ancient Pella. Inhabited for more than six thousand years, from the Stone Age till the 19thcentury, the ruins of Pella stand in a fascinating area. Most of the city has not been excavated yet, but the remains from Greco- Romans, the Bronze and Iron ages, Byzantines and early Islamic ruins can be found there. Pella is most beautiful in spring, when its valley is carpeted with beautiful beds of wild flowers, telling untold stories of history and civilization.


On the road from Amman to Ajlun, driving through olive groves and pine forests, one gasps when the eagle’s nest of the ancient Ajlun castle, Qalat Al- Rabad, appears. Its height of 1250 metersfurnishes spectacular views across the Jordan Valley and the biblical land of Gilead.


The castle was built in 1184 AD by the Arabs as a defense against the Crusaders. It was one of many castles and observation towers that lit beacons at night to pass signals from the Euphrates to as fares Cairo. Today, it is considered one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture, where one can find fascinating, well- preserved towers, chambers, galleries and staircases.

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