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Unleashing the Power of Extraordinary Conferences and Exhibitions

Jordan Valley Conferences &
Elevating Event Experiences

Welcome to Jordan Valley, your trusted partner for exceptional conferences and exhibits. With expertise in planning, design, and execution, we ensure every detail of your corporate gatherings, trade shows, and exhibitions is handled seamlessly. Our dedicated team is passionate about delivering transformative moments that captivate audiences and drive success. Let us take care of the logistics while you focus on engaging with attendees and achieving your goals. Together, let's create an unforgettable legacy.

Medical Congresses

Conference Management

We handle every aspect of conference planning and execution, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders and leaving a lasting impact.

Exhibition Organization

From concept to completion, we create visually stunning and engaging exhibits that effectively communicate your brand's message and captivate your target audience.

Meeting Coordination

Our expert team takes care of all the logistics and coordination for your meetings, ensuring smooth operations and productive outcomes, allowing you to focus on the content and objectives of your gatherings.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for our upcoming congresses that bring together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to drive meaningful discussions and shape the future of healthcare. Join us for inspiring sessions, networking opportunities, and groundbreaking discoveries. Mark your calendars and be part of these transformative events.

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The 4th International Congress of the Jordanian Society for Obesity Surgery

25 - 26 April 2024
Le Royal Hotel Amman, Jordan

Screenshot 2024-03-24 234441.png

Valve & Coronary Summit 2024

01-02 May 2024

Fairmont Hotel Amman - Jordan

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The 14th International Conference of the Jordanian Radiological Society

25 - 27 April 2024

Intercontinental Hotel

Screenshot 2024-02-25 223506.png

Amman Retina Meeting 2024

29 - 31 May 2024

Fairmont Hotel Amman - Jordan

How can Jordan Valley help you?

Event Planning and Management: Our experienced team will handle every aspect of your event, from initial planning to on-site execution, ensuring a seamless and successful experience.

Venue Selection and Logistics: We will help you find the perfect venue for your event, negotiate contracts, and manage all logistics, including accommodations, transportation, and catering.

Program Development and Content Curation: Rely on our expertise to design and develop compelling programs, curate relevant content, and secure top-notch speakers to ensure an engaging and impactful event.

Attendee Engagement and Experience: We will employ innovative strategies to enhance attendee engagement, provide interactive experiences, and create lasting memories that make your event truly unforgettable.

Image by Product School
Image by Product School
Image by Mikael Kristenson

Jordan Valley is a dynamic and full-service event management firm, established in 2007. Specializing in planning and organizing local and international conferences, meetings, seminars, events, exhibitions, incentives, and tours for corporations and associations, we take pride in our meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to the success of our clients' events allows them to focus on the bigger picture—their contribution to Jordan's economic and educational development. Whether your event is small or large, our dedicated team ensures that every detail is handled with precision and care, guaranteeing successful results. With our highly trained event professionals, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table, we form one of the most powerful event management teams in the country.

We strive to provide well-organized, fresh, creative, and memorable events that leave a lasting impression. To learn more about us, please visit our About Us page.

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