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Online Payment

Payment Instructions

Please follow the steps below to complete your payment:

  1. Fill in Your Details: Enter your full name, email address, and phone number in the fields provided. This information is required for payment confirmation and receipt.

  2. Enter Congress Details: Specify the name of the congress you are attending or the service you are paying for.

  3. Input Payment Amount: Enter the total amount to be paid in JOD (Jordanian Dinars) Ensure the amount is correct as it will be charged to your card.

  4. Review Your Information: Double-check the details you've entered to ensure they are accurate.

  5. Proceed to Payment: Click on the 'Pay Now' button. You will be redirected to a secure MEPS payment gateway to complete your transaction.

Please note that once you click 'Pay Now', you will be taken to MEPS's secure payment portal to enter your card details and finalize the payment. Ensure you do not refresh the page or click 'Back' during the process to avoid any payment issues.

For any queries or assistance, please contact at us at

Final Amount in JOD & USD ( 3% Credit Card Charges will be applied)


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Redirecting to Payment Portal

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