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The capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman in history as Rabbath- Ammon and in Greco- Roman times – known as Philadelphia- has much to offer.

Vibrant with its arts scene and business community, rich with what it offers in shopping, fine cuisine, hotels and entertainment facilities that cater to every taste, and proud of its historical and ancient treasures, Amman is ideal for every kind of traveler. In Amman, you will get a taste of both ancient and modern and be touched by the hospitality and friendliness of the Jordanian people.

Most of Amman’s historical sites are in its downtown area, the hub of the city where you can stroll through suqs (markets) and acquire unique treasures to take home. Towering above Amman is the ancient Citadel, remnants of Amman’s many lives: the regal columns of a Roman temple, the elegant capitals of a Byzantine church, the unique carvings in the Umayyad Palace, and fascinating displays in the Archaeological Museum.

At the foot of the Citadel proudly lies the Roman Theater, a deep- sided bowl carved into the hill and still used for cultural events. A wide variety of tourist sites, hotels and entertainment facilities, and its proximity to Jordan’s other tourist sites, make of Amman an ideal location to visit.

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